Long time no read a.k.a.work from the last two years

Well Real Life™ has intruded quite a bit on my hobby time over the last two years. Anyways time to post some projects I have been working on:

First of a Mobile Gun System (or Fire Support Vehicle, depending on the parlance) squadron of three vehicles for my NeoArabs. The model pictured is still very much wip. Since then they already had their first coats of paint with the new airbrush. More pictures will follow when I have proper light to take better pictures.


Next up is the scout variant based on the same chassis. Also wip.


If you wonder what the orange stuff is, it’s  self adhesive paper I got my hands on. It takes colours better than expected and is thinner than plastic sheet. The adhesiveness could still be a bit better though. When painted by brush multiple times it gets hard as thin plastic. The lower sides (behind the wheels) of the three wheeled APC are also covered by it. Another positive trait is that it is easy to add panel  lines with a ball point pen.


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